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Who we are?

Cordon Creative is a young Spanish agency that manages the great combination of a team of members with more than 25 years of experience in the sector and the vision of a new generation.

Our goal from the beginning is to be able to offer creative solutions with new images and quality for any type of project.

For him we have the best image bank in the alamay.com/es market. But it doesn’t end there, we want Spanish talent to grow. Only one of the biggest creatives from the most beginners has the most experts and the best talent and creativity throughout the whole of Español, South America and Portugal.

We wait for you!

How can I become a contributor?

In order to become a Cordon Creative collaborator, you must submit your application in 3 steps:

1. Fill in the following form (create form) where you can indicate the type of contributor you want to be and import a portfolio or link of your best content
2. We will review your application and once it has been accepted we will send you an invitation where you can create your username and password as "contributor".
3. Once accepted, a licensee will contact you to understand the type of licenses you want for your images and review the necessary documentation.

Once you become a contributor, our team will contact you to review the images, videos or illustrations that you would like to upload to the platform to make sure they meet the requirements before they go online.

To apply you must be at least 18 years old.

What happens once I become a collaborator?

Once your image is online, our clients who wish to use your images will buy a license that will allow them to download your file for personal, editorial or commercial use (according to the terms of the content use license agreement)

These images can be used in advertising, websites, social networks, television programs and movies, presentations, newspapers, magazines, books and product packaging, among hundreds of other uses.

What Kind of Images Should I Send?

At Cordon Creative we leave total freedom for you to upload content that you are proud of and that you think could be the new image for an advertising campaign or your favorite book.

Even so. Our great team will be in charge of sending you suggestions of the most popular searches among our clients so that you have more possibility of profit.

At the same time, we always receive orders and you cannot always find that image or video you are looking for. We want to put an end to that, if you are interested and available, you can carry out specific orders for very special projects.


For each license purchased by a client, collaborators obtain a previously established percentage with each contributor.


Many of our clients make commercial use of our videos and images. Make sure that your material does not include objects or elements protected by copyright or materials registered as trademarks.

Cordon Creative will not accept content that contains violence or images of a sexual nature.


Any content that includes recognizable people or property must be licensed.

Before uploading any image of this type to our platform, you must obtain in writing from an individual or owner responsible for the property by means of which the use of the image of that individual or property for commercial purposes is approved.

Will I keep the rights to my work?


Your content will be licensed to our clients throughout Spain, Latin America and Portugal on your behalf and must always be accredited, thus maintaining your copyright.

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